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We offer a range of services
to help you manage, track and resell your stock.

Cost Controlled Returns

Our labels are intelligently produced to help save money on postage but also create sales, so we can redirect the return to the place where it has the highest propensity to sell, or send back via the most cost-effective route.

Tracked Returns

Returns are fully tracked or part tracked wherever possible, and the ZigZag returns platform will give visibility on what’s coming back and how much it will cost before it has even left the customer.

Warehouse Only Option

ZigZag can support a warehouse only option with no carriers in certain territories if required, so the portal will still generate the appropriate returns label even if no postage or courier booking is required.

Payment Options

The ZigZag returns portal can include payment options if required, or you can decide to offer free returns or even deduct the returns cost from the refund upon receipt of the goods. ZigZag supports Braintree and PayPal technology.


The local ZigZag receiving warehouse then scans and inspects the goods are as described, and on the same day the retailer can send a replacement or a refund, speeding up the process and improving the customer experience.


ZigZag can open and inspect the goods to check they are as described. We can grade the goods for you and can offer product refurbishment if required. ZigZag can support video training to ensure consistency across multiple warehouses.


ZigZag can consolidate returns to send them back to you, itemised by pallet, at the most cost efficient time or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on volumes.


ZigZag can send you a daily stock file with sku, quantity and country so that you can pick from the stock ZigZag is holding or list it for sale through your own channels and ZigZag will ship it for you in plain packaging.


ZigZag can hold your packaging in stock if required so that items delivered to your customers from our warehouses contain your own branded packaging (storage fees may apply).


Working to pre-agreed margins and timelines, ZigZag can list your returned stock on over 20 global marketplaces in 8 different languages until sold, on a revenue share basis. Once the item sells, you will be credited for the sale, turning your returns into cash. Marketplace fees may apply.

White Label Service

ZigZag can also offer a white label liquidation / resale service for retailers who wish to resell discounted returns without damaging their brand or established price points. ZigZag can even sell into an entirely different country if required via its network of marketplaces.

Intelligent Routing

ZigZag can use real sales data to understand where your products will sell best. So rather than sending all products back to one warehouse, we will route them intelligently to where they have the highest propensity to sell. Our intelligent returns technology sets us apart from other solutions who merely consolidate.


ZigZag can lower your carbon footprint by cutting down the distance products have to travel. By offering localised warehouses we can cut parcel journeys by up to 65%.

Paperless Returns

ZigZag is developing paperless returns technology where available depending on courier requirements and technical capabilities.

Recycling & Destroying Goods

If the item is damaged, or doesn’t sell, ZigZag can either liquidate locally, recycle, destroy, or return via consolidation. Charity donation is also optionally available in some markets.

Photo Uploads

ZigZag can also offer a bespoke photo upload service to document returns and even prevent the need for some returns. Certificates of destruction and pictures of destroyed items can also be catalogued and stored.

Lower Fulfilment Costs

ZigZag operate multiple warehouses worldwide, and can keep return costs low, as we have fixed cost agreements with major international courier partners.

Shortages and Refulfilment

If you have a sale or shortage in a local or international market, you can also call on the stock ZigZag is holding and we can fulfil direct to your customer in plain packaging.

Delivery to Store

The ZigZag returns portal gives the customer a choice of customisable reasons options including directions to nearby stores if the retailer has physical stores in that country. The customer will see the store’s address, telephone number and a Google map with transport options. 

Returns Reasons

The ZigZag returns portal gives the customer a choice of your own customisable reason codes to select from – e.g. Too Big, Too Small, Damaged etc. ZigZag are then able to identify ‘toxic’ products and spot patterns in returns which can be used to improve your supply chain and make purchasing decisions.

Order Labels

ZigZag order labels include tracking barcodes, retailer order number and a warehouse tracking number which are all searchable within the ZigZag software. Labels are branded and fully compliant with carriers and warehouses.

Warehouse Partners

Warehousing is managed by market leading third-party logistics suppliers whose clients include major global brands and high street retailers. ZigZag is integrated with multiple 3PL warehouses in 130 countries. Services include grading, consolidation, repackaging, fulfilment and recycling.



We can sell your returns on over 25 different online market places.



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