The ZigZag Returns Portal

Customers start their self service return from your returns information page without needing to contact your support team. They simply enter order number and post/zip code to get started.

Global Customers, Multi Language

Customers can choose their preferred language, with over 30 options supported. Once they select a language, all pages of the portal will be translated to this language.

Your Branded Returns Portal

The customer portal is customized to the retailer’s branding

Device Agnostic Returns

Whether at home or on the move, customers can process their return through our hassle-free online portal on their mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

Data & Insights to Reduce Returns

The customer selects the items that they want to return, as well as the appropriate return reason.​

The portal captures all the information needed for seamless customs clearance, without the customer needing to fill any paperwork in. ​

Save the Sale, Refund to Credit

The retailer can decide to offer customers refund as Store Credit / Gift Card. By doing so they ‘save the sale’ and keep the money in their business. ​

Did you know? - Retailers can incentivise the store credit by offering faster refunds or free returns, or a gift card value to a higher value, for example 110%.

Convert Refunds to Exchanges

The Live Exchanges feature allows customers to order replacement items for different sizes or colours, from a live stock feed.

Retailers 'save the sale’ and retain revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and repeat purchase.

Personalised Multi Return Options

​Customers choose from multiple drop off points, home collection, return to store, return at parcel locker and return to post offices or convenience stores.​

Many options are paperless – the customer will receive a QR-Code and they won't need to print a label saving paper and hassle.​
Did you know? – ZigZag has 500,000 drop off locations worldwide!

Drop-offs Made Easy

The map shows drop off points for each carrier. Home address and current location are also displayed so the customer can see addresses and opening hours to select the most convenient drop off location.

Return to

Retailers that operate both online and physical stores can show the "return to store" option to seamlessly bridge the gap between their digital and physical presence and drive footfall. Drop off kiosks can also be supported.

​Did you know: Some retailers offer Return to Store as a free customer option when other return methods are chargeable. Customers returning to store often exchange or buy more.


Around 50% of retailers now charge for returns. The customer pays for their return through credit or debit card or via PayPal.​

ZigZag can support various payment rules, like free returns for VIP or subscription shoppers vs paid returns for non-subscribers.​

Did you know - 61% of shoppers would still buy from a retailer if they charged for returns.

ZigZag can support various payment rules, like free returns for members and paid returns for non-members.

QR Code or Print Label Options

The customer chooses to print a label or use a QR code for paperless returns.

Customer Friendly & Paperless

The customer views the QR code label on their smartphone for scanning at post office, drop-off location, home collection or locker.

Did you know? We support returns from +170 countries around the world

Customer Notifications

Retailers can send automatic updates about the status of the return to their customers, via SMS or Email

Keep Customers

Customers can conveniently monitor their return's tracking status and view carrier-generated tracking scans. ​

​The shopper is encouraged to ‘continue shopping’ which to help convert the returns process to a sales opportunity!


ZigZag’s unique InterStore feature helps store and warehouse colleagues to control large-scale returns shipments of various products.

Ship from one retailer physical location to another, e.g. from a store to warehouse, or store to store, or return goods back to suppliers with better visibility.​

Retail staff quickly process returns and arrange the transportation for these returns inside the app. Bulk shipping and tracking of cartons, cages, pallets, or containers using a ZigZag carrier service or retailer’s own carrier is supported.

Consumer & Logistics Insights

Our retailer clients use consumer and logistics insights from ZigZag’s returns portal to reduce returns rates and lower costs.​
ZigZag’s Reporting Hub provides retailers with key performance indicators for their return orders in terms of:​

  • Return volumes​
  • Return costs​
  • Return reasons​
  • Transit times
  • Toxic Products

Easy Warehouse Management

ZigZag’s Warehouse Management System is a tool that helps warehouse users manage their warehouse processes:​

It identifies shipments (parcels) that have arrived at the warehouse, opening, editing and closing manifests, assigning and removing identified shipments to/from manifests as well as label generation and product grading.

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