New Look is a stylish British fashion retailer boasting around 400 stores across the UK & Ireland and an impressive online presence attracting hundreds of millions of visits per year. It is quickly becoming the go-to destination for womenswear with a well-loved catalogue of feel-good fashion at competitive prices.
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New Look

turns to ZigZag to transform its
returns experience

Jason Taylor
Commercial Director

We spoke to Senior Product Manager Rachel Troke, to discuss what a great returns experience looks like to New Look
and its customers.

“ZigZag is so flexible. As a retailer, when you work with ZigZag you know you are getting a really supportive partner that will help you get to the goals you want
to get to.”
Improved Customer Satisfaction..

Reduction in Returns

New Look turned to ZigZag to transform its returns experience and help it replicate that same excellent customer experience it achieves on its outbound.

ZigZag’s award-winning solution ensured
that New Look achieve fantastic results:

Challenges Faced
before ZigZag

High Cost of Returns

The costs of managing returns was placing a major burden on New Look

Returns Data

Return reasons were often missing or inaccurate when processed in-store

Returns Misalign with Outbound

Customers created their own labels with individual carrier services

How New Look implemented

Smarter Returns
with ZigZag


Rachel Troke, New Look's Senior Product Manager, highlighted the reasons for choosing ZigZag. The decision was influenced by ZigZag's ability to facilitate a quick implementation, enable a paid return process, and collaborate on innovative ideas.


ZigZag's returns platform powered the introduction of innovative return kiosks in selected New Look stores in August 2023. These kiosks offer a free and convenient return option, reducing processing time for in-store staff and improving data collection. Customers can easily return items by selecting 'Return to Store,' receiving a QR code, and dropping off their parcel without the need for a printer.

Rachel emphasised that the kiosks not only streamlined the process but also addressed the challenge of inaccurate return reasons. Customers, sometimes hesitant to discuss sizing issues with store staff, can now provide accurate data through the kiosks, contributing to better decision-making for New Look's buying teams.

Moving to
Paid Returns

In February 2023, New Look implemented paid returns to cope with rising reverse logistics costs. Despite initial concerns, customer feedback was positive.

The introduction of a small £2.50 charge for
online returns resulted in a doubling of in-store
returns, and providing the opportunity for increased sales in store.

The move to paid returns did not negatively impact high-value, high-frequency customers, showcasing a successful transition.

Tracking & Satisfaction

Improved tracking capabilities led to a 20% reduction in "where is my return?" queries. Customers now receive confirmation emails at various stages of the return process, enhancing transparency and reducing the need for inquiries.

New Look's Trustpilot score increased from 4.3 to 4.7, reflecting improved customer satisfaction. This increase happened at the same time as NL implementing
Paid Returns

Flexibility & Support

Rachel praised ZigZag's flexibility, describing them as supportive partners that go above and beyond. The collaboration with ZigZag allowed New Look to push boundaries in developing its customer experience. Looking ahead, Rachel expressed excitement
about future innovations and continued
partnership with ZigZag.

New Look’s Returns Revision

An Interview with Rachel Troke, Senior Product Manager.

Scroll through to see New Look’s adoption with ZigZag.

Find out more how New Look benefits from accurate returns data, reduced customer queries, implemented paid returns, and gained more in-store shoppers!

Customised Solution

for New Look


Dashboard with Implementing a paid returns strategy to minimise
customer frustrationdata


Enhancing the in-store returns drop-off experience for customers


Providing complete visibility over returns data for improved accuracy


Boosting tracking capabilities to reduce customer inquiries


Increasing Trustpilot score through an intuitive returns process

Room for More Innovation

ZigZag optimised its solution with New Look's goals in mind

View the Features of New Look's Returns Portal

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Jason Taylor
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