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Discover the hidden issues impacting your business's profitability and customer satisfaction with ZigZag's Returns Reporting Hub. By analysing your returns data, you can make smarter decisions that drive sustainable growth for your brand. Dive deep into the details to uncover the root causes behind performance changes, understand return reasons, and optimise your product portfolio
to reduce returns.

Reduce High
Return Rates

Unrivalled drill-down capability to allow you to understand each returned product performance.

Stay ahead of the game with our Returns Reporting Hub. Receive early alerts for high return-to-outbound ratios, allowing you to take swift action on toxic returns before they become a problem. Uncover insights on paid returns as well, tracking the revenue generated by charging for returns and comparing your paid vs. free returns ratio. Gain valuable insights into the impact of different return types on your business.

Reduce High
Return Rates

Streamline & Enhance

Monitor carrier transit times to identify any delivery issues and optimise shipping routes. Improve customer experience by removing any obstacles in the delivery process. You can also use the data to closely monitor carrier performance and ensure compliance with service level agreements.

With ZigZag's Returns Reporting Hub, you can even identify the impact of stuck-at-border issues. Empower buyers and merchandisers with product analysis. Provide early notifications of specific product issues, such as sizing or manufacturing faults, to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your product offerings meet customer expectations.

Streamline & Enhance


Retailer Performance

Dashboard with returns data


Dashboard with returns data


Dashboard with returns data


Dashboard with returns data


Dashboard with returns data

Executive Summary

Stay ahead of returns Issues

Insights that
Drive Profits



Analyse returns data
for smarter decisions

Early Alerts for Action

Stay ahead of returns

Streamline Delivery Insights

Optimise shipping and customer experience

Enhance the Buyer

Understand and action problem products

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Do all customers get access to the reporting hub?

This feature is in addition to what we already offer. There will be a free trial period for people to try out this feature as well to see whether they like it or not, and hopefully you will find it immensely valuable.

How often does the dataset refresh?

Each dashboard and report refreshes every morning to ensure you get the most up-to-date information available, allowing you to make informed decisions that meaningfully impact your business.

How will the Reporting Hub be able to assist my supply chain and manufacturing processes?

ZigZag’s Returns Reporting Hub can be used to identify problematic products which may have sizing issues or defects. Some retailers have used this information to adjust sizing guides on their website, use different models to showcase the product, and even tackle the issue at a manufacturing level. The return reasons report may also show a list of products coming back due to “arriving damaged”, which the retailer can flag to suppliers or carrier services.

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