A guide to mastering the post-purchase experience

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Feb 6
A guide to mastering the post-purchase experience

Global Blue, the strategic technology and payments leader, acquired ZigZag back in 2021. As a pioneer the concept of Tax-Free Shopping 40 years ago that empowers merchants to capture the growth of international shoppers, the company has allowed ZigZag’s customer base and reputation to soar. But it didn’t stop with ZigZag.

Global Blue now boasts an award-winning eCommerce ecosystem of TOSHI, Reflaunt, Shipup, Yocuda, and of course ZigZag. From TOSHI’s same and nominated day delivery services at the beginning of the buying journey to Reflaunt’s resale and take back programs completing the cycle; the companies together assist retailers every step of the way.

Through compiling all of the expertise from across their award-winning eCommerce network, Global Blue has created a guide that will help retailers better harness the power of the post-purchase experience and increase customer lifetime value.

"Going beyond the transaction, the post-purchase phase includes the delivery, potential returns, rental, or resale of purchased items. Despite historical emphasis on customer acquisition, the emotional and experiential dimensions of the post-purchase phase have been overlooked.

Recent statistics underscore its critical nature and correlation with brand image and reputation, consumers loyalty and lifetime value. Returning customers, spending 61% more on average than new customers, emerge as invaluable assets. However, 84% of them will not return to a retailer after a poor returns experience.

Recognising the transformative potential within this often-neglected part of the customer journey, Global Blue imparts key insights ensuring heightened customer loyalty and revenue maximisation.

Take a decisive step toward elevating your brand's customer journey and capitalising on the untapped potential of the post-purchase experience."

You can download the report here!