New Look & ZigZag introduce drop-off returns kiosks

The convenient drop-off kiosks reduce staff handling times and improve data collection
Aug 23
New Look & ZigZag introduce drop-off returns kiosks

New Look has rolled out innovative return kiosks, powered by ZigZag’s award-winning returns platform, across a selection of their stores this week. The kiosks provide a free and convenient return option for customers and are expected to greatly reduce the amount of time spent by in-store staff processing returns, whilst improving data collection. However, New Look staff will, of course, still be more than happy to assist customers that come to the store looking for that ‘personal touch’ in the returns process.

So, for the stylish customers of New Look, the returns process is as straightforward as ever. After entering their information online and selecting the returning items and reason for returning, customers can choose ‘Return to Store’ as a return option and receive a QR code. No printer needed! The kiosks are easy to find in store and all the customer needs to do is present the QR code and drop off their parcel. It’s that simple.

Rachel Troke, Senior Product Manager at New Look stated, “One of the key drivers for launching the kiosks was that we weren’t getting the right data from our customers on why they were returning in store. A lot of items were being marked down as unwanted. A trend that didn’t match up with what we were seeing with our online returns.”

ZigZag’s own data taken from over a hundred of the most renowned UK retailers showed that 67% of fashion returns over peak 2022/23 were due to sizing issues, a fact echoed in our subsequent consumer research. Returns made due to the item being unwanted or the customer changing their mind on the purchase represent less than a fifth of all returns generally.

Rachel continued, “We suspected that customers were perhaps shy to dive into the exact reason for making the return with the store colleague. It is very understandable for a customer to not want to discuss their potential sizing issues with a stranger. The in-store kiosks bring back that comforting anonymity you get with online returns for the customers whilst providing better data for our buying teams. We will now get close to 100% coverage across our eCommerce returns, collecting valuable data that will allow us to make smarter, more-informed decisions.”

New Look was one of the many retailers that moved to paid returns this year, albeit only through a small £1.99 charge, as brands look to recoup some of the cost associated with reverse logistics. However, New Look has never charged for returns processed in store, leading to it becoming an increasingly popular returns method this year. Rachel explained, “At over 400 stores, we are quite accessible for most of our customers across the UK. So, it came as no surprise that our returns have doubled in store since charging for online returns.” A free return proving to be the perfect incentive for many to head to one of New Look’s locations, where they may even be tempted to pick up something extra that catches their eye.

The tech and product teams at ZigZag and New Look worked harmoniously to bring this project to life. Rachel commented the “ZigZag is so flexible. As a retailer, when you work with ZigZag you know you are getting a really supportive partner that will help you get to the goals you want to get to. ZigZag has allowed us to push the boundaries at developing our customer experience.”

Al Gerrie, Co-Founder & CEO stated, “ZigZag has been thrilled to work alongside New Look to expand their in-store returns offering and enhance their customer experience. The modern-day retail customer wants choice. Whether that’s a choice from a range of products when purchasing or different carrier and drop-off options available when returning, it is vital retailers cater to as many customer needs as possible. This latest innovative approach from New Look will provide customers with a free returns option, improving customer satisfaction whilst driving footfall to New Look’s shops. A win for all.”

The project launched this week, so keep on the lookout for the new drop-off kiosks if you are indeed one of New Look’s many fashionable customers.